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One of the world’s leading travel providers collaborates with AWS to drive innovation in travel booking, personalized recommendations, and customer service Group (NASDAQ: TCOM), an international one-stop travel service provider, has recently selected AWS as its strategic cloud provider to enhance the travel experience for hundreds of millions of travelers. The multiyear agreement will allow Group to leverage AWS’s proven global infrastructure and cloud technologies to expand their business globally, deliver seamless customer experiences, and drive innovation across the travel and hospitality industry.

Earlier this year, Group established a joint innovation lab with AWS that provides resources to help AWS and Group experts develop next-generation applications using generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) and large language models (LLMs). The lab focuses on developing innovative applications for critical business areas, including AI-driven customer service, hotel search optimization, and flight ticket demand forecasting using generative AI technologies. Group uses AWS Graviton-powered Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances, powered by custom-built AWS Graviton processors, to deliver high performance at a lower price for training LLMs. In July, Group unveiled its vertical LLM designed to offer increased accessibility, richer customer experiences, and reliable and personalized travel recommendations.

“We are excited to work with AWS to jointly innovate new ways to make it easier for people to travel and explore the world,” said Chao Ma, vice president of Group. “In harnessing the incredible capabilities of generative AI technologies, AWS will play a pivotal role in helping us to speed up the booking process, optimize flight pricing, and curate experiences at price points that fit every budget and travel persona. This collaboration is strongly aligned to our mission to pursue the perfect trip for a better world. We are constantly making travel more personalized by understanding individual preferences; providing real-time recommendations on the latest trends, hotels, flights, and attractions; and integrating AI with customer service for a holistic experience that fits every traveler’s unique needs and lifestyle.”

Beyond the joint innovation lab, Group uses AWS’s advanced technologies and proven global infrastructure to deliver its comprehensive suite of travel products and services around the world, offer cost-effective travel booking, and provide hassle-free on-the-go customer service support. Group migrated more than 400 of its international business microservices to AWS, which significantly improved the speed of its air ticket booking system and reduced overall total memory consumption by more than 96%, resulting in substantial cost savings. AWS has helped Group to optimize its IT infrastructure to improve connection points with flight and hotel partners, providing a faster and more reliable service for travelers. Group worked with AWS to launch its “DreamNowTripLater” live video streams, which highlight locales from the company’s network of 1.4 million hotels spanning 200 countries and 2 million flight routes. Using AWS Media Services, Group produces low-latency video streams at scale for YouTube, Facebook, and third-party video services across China for more than 5.7 million global travelers. To date, the series has led to $10 million in travel bookings.

In addition, AWS and Group collaborated to develop a four-year training program to provide the company’s technologists with access to AWS Training and Certification’s comprehensive cloud training curriculum and resources. These training resources will help 2,000 Group employees gain new cloud skills in AI and machine learning, and develop new applications using the cloud. Group is a leading one-stop travel service provider, and we are proud of the work we are doing to help the company use generative AI to change the way they do business and interact with customers,” said Steven M. Elinson, managing director of Travel and Hospitality at AWS. “Working with Group to establish the joint innovation lab is helping us identify and develop generative AI solutions for a wide range of use cases that will uncover new growth opportunities, alleviate pain points, and create entirely new ways to delight global travelers.”

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