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Webinars and Videoconferencing in Times of the Pandemic, Report by ClickMeeting

The recent ClickMeeting webinar report states that the webinar world is divided into one before and after the pandemic. Only in March, the number of events organized on this webinar platform has increased four times compared to the previous year and hit 300,000. 36% of ClickMeeting's customers use the platform for educational purposes, and for the other 12%, it has become a source of income.

The most spectacular increase in the number of events has been noticed in March 2020 in Poland and reached 1,156%. ClickMeeting also gained popularity in other countries. The number of events in Germany was 519% higher, Greece – 868%, and France – 423%.

"The pandemic forced changes in many of our habits, and webinar tools, such as ClickMeeting, faced quite a challenge in March 2020. The number of customers multiplied within days. They managed to organize 3,203,034 events – that's 1/3 of all meetings hosted in 2019. As a result, ClickMeeting increased its platform's capacity by 90%," says Dominika Paciorkowska, Managing Director at ClickMeeting.

Webinars' business goals

According to the report, both small and large companies use ClickMeeting. 18.66% of all users are freelancers. 14.89% are companies with up to 10 employees, 22.91% have from 10 to 50 employees, and 22.59% employ from 51 to 200 people. The largest institutions, ones with over 200 employees, constitute 20.95% of all users.

"Paid webinars turned out to be especially popular among ClickMeeting's users. It's a convenient way to conduct commercial trainings, online courses, or conferences. The organizer allows attendees to join once they pay for entrance. The number of paid webinars held on ClickMeeting was 547% higher in March 2020 compared to March 2019," adds Dominika Paciorkowska, ClickMeeting's Managing Director.

Making money online

Many people moved their business to the online world. As much as 12% of respondents declared that paid webinars are their main source of income, at the same time agreeing that you can make a living only out of them.

Another 32% say this sort of online events is an additional way to make money. It shows that this method guarantees more income for 44% of people organizing events on ClickMeeting.

What is more, 81% of users confirmed they are going to continue to use webinar platforms after the lockdown and pandemic end.


Source: ClickMeeting

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