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WIV Conference Foster a New Wave of Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies

Guangzhou, a city of intelligent vehicles, is looking forward to an industry conference with global influence.

The first WIV will kick off in Guangzhou on December 3-4. As an authoritative, international, and professional industry conference, it will fully demonstrate the key spheres, including policies and regulations, innovative technologies, industrial ecology, infrastructure, cross-border collaboration, business models, and network security, as well as the cutting-edge achievements of the whole industrial chain of intelligent vehicles, strengthen industrial cooperation and exchange, promote the matching and implementation of projects, help the intelligent vehicle industry of China and even the world to develop in high quality and enter a golden era!

The "World Intelligent Vehicle" is supported by The People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality, collectively organized by International Cooperation Center of National Development and Reform Commission, Development & Reform Commission of Guangzhou Municipality, Tianhe District People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality and IDG Asia. This conference with the theme of "The Future, Driving Now" arranges a main forum , 10 parallel forums and a number of supporting activities, will have many attendants including officials from the competent government departments, scholars, leading enterprises at home and abroad from vehicle supply chain and related accessory areas, industrial associations, investment institutions, distributors and agents, displaying a wonderful feast of the intelligent vehicle industry from all aspects.

Explore the future of intelligent vehicles with united wisdom and strength

The global intelligent vehicle industry has been unprecedentedly intensive and active, and a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation is on the eve of a breakthrough. Intelligent vehicles have come to the center of the new round of international competition as vehicle development has upset the tradition and incorporated technological advancements.

The best times are ahead for intelligent vehicles under many favorable conditions. So, how intelligent are vehicles now? What bottlenecks are there? How should automakers cope with the intelligence wave? In this regard, the conference will quest innovative paths of the intelligent vehicle industry, promote the Greater Bay Area's development of the industry with superior resources and in an aggregated way, and attract wide attention of global capital.

The WIV opening ceremony and the main forum will provide a venue for guests to deliver insightful remarks on hot topics such as policy guidance, development trend, technological innovation, scene expansion, implementation application, and market cultivation in respect of intelligent vehicles from the perspectives of industry, education, research, government, business, and application, and make suggestions for industry development.

In the 10 parallel forums specially designed for the conference, the topics will focus on hot issues such as industry development trend, network security application, intelligent travel and transportation, technological innovation, Greater Bay Area industry, data and application platforms, multi-domain industry integration, business innovation model, laws, regulations and standards system, industry investment and financing.

In addition, the conference will also feature a wealth of immersive supporting activities that are not to be missed!

Speak out for Guangzhou and help build a city of intelligent vehicles

The choice of Guangzhou as the WIV venue can be said to be appropriate, and it reflects Guangzhou's strength and confidence in building a city of intelligent vehicles.

In terms of top-level design, Guangzhou put forward the "strategy of trillions to build the city of intelligent vehicles" and the "Guangzhou plan" to promote the intelligent connected vehicle industry. According to the Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality on Accelerating the Development of the Automobile Industry issued in September, it is clearly stated that the municipal finance should additionally allocate a special fund of 100 million yuan each year. It aims to promote the high-quality development of Guangzhou in industry and information technology through the implementation of 5G IOV demonstration and promotion projects and intelligent connected vehicle application scenario projects. Also, it supports the establishment of a 10-billion-yuan development fund for Guangzhou's intelligent connected vehicle industry.

In terms of industry development, Guangzhou is steadily advancing its "one core and three wings" layout of the intelligent vehicle industry, actively building Guangzhou's comprehensive electronics industry base for intelligent connected vehicles, and creating a professional industrial park for the development and manufacturing of core components and intelligent vehicles.

In terms of ecological system construction for the industry, Guangzhou is striving to become a national IOV pilot zone, advancing the intelligent construction of existing road infrastructure in phases and regions, and promoting the demonstration application and commercial application of intelligent vehicles that will pilot in buses, taxes and shared transportation.

In terms of technological innovation, Guangzhou will support the construction of a provincial innovation center for the manufacturing of intelligent connected vehicles, the formation of a technology innovation alliance for the Greater Bay Area automotive industry, and the building of an innovation center for integration of the hydrogen fuel cell power system.

The WIV held in Guangzhou will eventually serve as an opportunity to promote the great development of the global intelligent vehicle industry. Guangzhou sincerely invites guests from all walks of life around the world to come in December to discuss new academic ideas, scientific discoveries, technological inventions, business models, and industrial directions for the global intelligent vehicle industry.



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