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Equinix presents

Your Path to a
Digital Future Playbook

Accelerating Digital Transformation in Hong Kong

To stay competitive and meet customer and partner expectations, companies need to shift to an edge-first workload and application architecture with the right underlying digital infrastructure in place.


In this special edition of our Hong Kong playbook, we explore the world of digital transformation in light of current world events, and discuss how enterprises can get
ahead in the digital future.

  • Insights into Hong Kong's Digital Economy

  • Opportunities for Hong Kong's Digital Economy

  • The Future is in Interconnection Economy

  • Interconnection Insights

  • Current Challenges to Digitalization

  • Platform Equinix - Underpinning the Solutions to All These Challenges

  • The Edge Advantage

  • Five Key Steps to Digital Transformation

  • Industry Spotlight 

  • Success Stories

  • Your Roadmap - Harness One Platform, With All the Power

To find out more, download the Playbook now.

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