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AWE2021: Haier Revolutionizes the Home Appliance Sector with Solutions for the Whole Home

AWE2021 was held in Shanghai from March 23 to 25, 2021. With the pandemic still gripping a good part of the planet, CES in the U.S. and IFA in Germany, two of the world's three most important annual exhibitions for houseware and electronics, were held online this year. AWE2021 was the only one to be held offline, serving as this year's key event where home appliance makers and technology leaders showcased their latest technologies, products and brands.

AWE2021: Haier Revolutionizes the Home Appliance Sector with Solutions for the Whole Home, Moving Beyond the Traditional Product Line-up.

World-leading brands exhibited their latest product lineups and solutions, running the gamut from home appliances, advanced home appliance technologies and a brand-new category referred to simply as "home".

Haier Smart Home highlights its differentiation with other makers by contrasting scenario-based displays and exhibits of single appliances

On one side of the long aisle where the home appliance makers had set up their booths, century-old household brand names maintained their legacy with exhibits of top-of-the-line refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and dishwashers.

Facing them on the other side of same aisle, Haier Smart Home ("Haier", Shanghai: 600690), on the heels of its transformation into a scenario- and ecology-based brand, took the lead in being the sole maker to answer the call for solutions that fit the new "home" category. Haier showcased smart solutions for the whole home, encompassing not only the living room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom but also extending out to include the porch and balcony. By combining resources, the solutions cover all manner of in-home experiences: the food, clothing, housing and entertainment scenarios, providing a "new living" experience to home dwellers in line with their expectations.

To take an example, in the smart kitchen scenario, the refrigerator is no longer just a refrigerator, but rather an ecological gourmet Internet of Things (IoT) platform, which connecting oven to prepare Peking Roasted Duck, and automatically replenish supplies when low.

Previously, this group of exhibitors had been collectively referred to as 'home appliance companies', but now the classification is no longer so apt.

Haier Smart Home has evolved from a home appliance maker to a provider of scenario solutions and life services.

In the Haier-equipped smart home, high-tech home appliances still exist, yet they have been seamlessly incorporated into the various home scenarios to become an integral part of the home.

The air conditioner is no longer just a device for adjusting the temperature, but rather a refined mechanism that works in tandem with a series of hardware and software components to deliver air solutions. Traditional home appliances cannot fulfill the expectations of today's home dwellers – only scenario solutions can answer the challenge.

Haier Smart Home has been transformed into a scenario- and ecology-based brand.

Haier Smart Home has brought together and empowered tens of thousands of partners across a wide range of industries spanning houseware and home furnishings, building and construction materials, real estate, food and IoT by providing software, technologies and services, to establish a complete smart home scenario ecology.

Through ecological empowerment, Haier Smart Home provides the occupants of a home with the opportunity to enter the 'new living' era. The company offers solutions covering all needs in various living scenarios, whether the shopper is looking to simply spiff up a kitchen, bedroom and bathroom or for a complete renovation.

AWE2021 is not only the first major exhibition since the beginning of the year, but also a watershed event heralding the next stage of growth for the industry, as reflected by the contrasting exhibits on both sides of the aisle. Traditional home appliance companies on one side are presenting new home appliances, while on the other side has reimagined solutions for smart home scenarios based on those home appliances. Haier Smart Home is at the vanguard of a revolution in the concept of what it means to furnish and maintain a home.


SOURCE: Haier Smart Home

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