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Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis: Role of Digital Transformation in Mobility Industry's Future

Beyond the COVID-19 Crisis: Frost & Sullivan's 2020 Intelligent Mobility Summit to Highlight Role of Digital Transformation in Mobility Industry's Future

Digital initiatives are at the core of disruptive innovation across the mobility landscape. Advances in connectivity, autonomous, shared and electric technologies have been accompanied by the emergence of new, digitally-enabled business models and value-added services. To understand how digitalization is moving the needle across various domains in the mobility industry, the theme of Frost & Sullivan's 2020 Intelligent Mobility summit is "The Digital Acceleration."

The annual flagship event, scheduled across two days on November 24-25, 2020, will move online this year. As always, it will feature thought-provoking debates, panel discussions, and networking sessions. An interactive platform will provide attendees with an enriched virtual experience that includes a main auditorium for speaker sessions, a resource library for information on panel topics, sponsor booths with live chat representatives, and downloadable content related to key event themes.

"Today, more than ever, digital transformation is emerging as a growth catalyst, propelling the mobility industry to a future beyond the COVID-19 crisis," said Robin Joffe, Partner-President, Frost & Sullivan, Japan. "Digitalization is driving greater resource efficiencies, sparking innovation, and opening up unprecedented opportunities for growth. By upturning traditional value chains, it is encouraging stakeholders to look anew at business models, partnership strategies, and investment focus."

Connectivity technologies are enabling in-vehicle functionalities that improve the overall driving experience. Cars are being converted into lucrative new channels for online retail and, in keeping with current demands, promoting the health, wellness and well-being of vehicle occupants. Simultaneously, digital connectivity is boosting productivity and asset utilization across freight and logistics operations.

This has been a touchstone year for digital retail. A host of select online services and digital elements have amplified the number of customer access points, streamlining the customer journey from purchase to delivery while creating more meaningful customer experiences. As new and used car sales, vehicle-related services, and downstream vehicle functions undergo rapid digital transformation, dedicated digital retailing strategies will become crucial.

Electrification agendas are gaining momentum, compelling automakers to revisit traditional vehicle and platform architectures. Electrification is only one aspect of the move toward a more sustainable future. Circular economy practices will increasingly be part of the industry's efforts to "Innovate to Zero."

New work dynamics triggered by the COVID-19 crisis, like work from home; new concepts like Mobility as a Service (MaaS); new markets like food delivery; and new dimensions of mobility, like air taxis, will all have profound implications for the future of the automotive industry.

"In addition, new business models underpinned by a partnership/collaborative approach are set to proliferate across the value chain," said Vivek Vaidya, Associate Partner and Senior Vice President, Mobility Practice, Asia-Pacific, Frost & Sullivan. "These new paradigms will maximize the opportunities created by digital transformation, support greater agility and competitiveness, and set the foundation for a more resilient, future-focused mobility industry."

To learn more about how these trends are likely to play out, Frost & Sullivan has brought together leading representatives from industry and government. Featured speakers at the Summit include Ashwani Gupta, Director, Representative Executive Officer, COO/CPO, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.; Peter Veigel, Head of Connectivity, Daimler Trucks Asia, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation; Dr. Jan Wei Pan, Global Vice President, Technology and Partnership, AutoX Inc.; and Timothy Tam, SVP, Regional Head of Motors, Lazada Group.


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SOURCE: Frost & Sullivan

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