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China Mobile Hong Kong Obtains Exclusive VR Broadcasting Rights to the 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Experience the Winter Olympics as a VR360 spectacle with the fastest 5G Network in Hong Kong

With much anticipation, the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games is set to begin on 4 February. China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) is delighted to have obtained Beijing 2022's exclusive VR VOD broadcasting rights in Hong Kong, becoming the first network operator in the city to introduce Winter Olympics content in VR format. Coupling with CMHK's 5G network, the fastest in Hong Kong[1], viewers can experience the thrills of the competitions in a stunning VR360 perspective to keep up with the games while cheering for the athletes representing Hong Kong.

Enjoy Winter Olympics as a VR 360 spectacle, soak in the lively ambiance with ultra-fast 5G

Appointed as Beijing 2022's designated platform for VR content, from 4 to 28 February, CMHK will exclusively provide on-demand competition highlights in a VR 360 panorama format, allowing viewers to an unprecedented viewing experience of the Olympic battles at speed! Enabled by CMHK's extraordinary and stable 5G network, the fastest 5G network in Hong Kong[1], viewers can freely control the dynamic spectating angles and positions via the UTV App on their mobile devices, immersing themselves into the competitions and the great Olympic moments from a 360-degree perspective.

UTV will also feature a "Winter Olympics Zone", offering a variety of programs from competition sessions, real-time medal table, Olympics discussions, to Olympians features, keeping sports fans updated with the latest news.

CMHK supports Hong Kong athlete with extraordinary 5G network

While viewers experience the games like never before, CMHK will also be supporting Mr. Sidney Chu, member of the Hong Kong Skating Union, who will be competing at the short track speed skating competition. CMHK will be providing Mr. Chu and his team with ultra-fast roaming 5G network, easing their telecommunications burdens during their time in Beijing, and aiding them to stay seamlessly connected and compete in the best conditions.


"We are thrilled to introduce the Winter Olympics content in VR 360 format with the exclusive broadcasting rights in Hong Kong."


Mr. Sean Lee, Director & Chief Executive Officer of CMHK said, "CMHK is constantly striving for innovation, our extraordinary 5G network has enabled users to be always ahead of others. We are thrilled to introduce the Winter Olympics content in VR 360 format with the exclusive broadcasting rights in Hong Kong, while supporting Mr. Chu with CMHK's 5G network, aiding our local athlete to achieve a faster, higher, and stronger performances. CMHK will continue to provide customers with high quality communication services and more innovative digital content, with the vision to become our customers' most trusted digital partner."

Download UTV App now to keep up with the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games:

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