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cloudHQ Curates 10 Free Remote Learning Apps for Back-To-School

San Francisco-based email management company, cloudHQ LLC, has released a review covering the "Top 10 Distance Learning Tips" for the new school year. In the article, posted here, the company offers a select round-up of Chrome extensions that will serve teachers, parents, and students well this fall, given the upheaval of traditional schooling due to COVID-19 and the remote learning educational revolution that has emerged as a result.

The tools chosen include:

  1. Screencast Recording: Free video and audio screencast recording for sending instructions

  2. Gmail Screenshot: Take a screenshot, mark it up with your notes, and send

  3. Gmail Meeting Scheduler: Choose your available calendar times, let others book you

  4. Free Email Signature Generator: Free email signature generator and signature templates

  5. Gmail Copilot: Free and simple CRM for your inbox

  6. MailKing: Send email campaigns (marketing, updates, etc.) without ever leaving Gmail

  7. Free Online Polls and Surveys for Gmail: Easy-to-use online polls and surveys sent in Gmail

  8. Free Video Email for Gmail: Record and send video directly from Gmail

  9. Sort Gmail Inbox by cloudHQ: Find an email by attachment type, sender, size, and more in seconds with preset filters

  10. Export Emails to Sheets: Export the information in your emails to Google Sheets, CSV or Excel

To learn more, we reached out to cloudHQ's CMO, Naomi Assaraf, for her thoughts on the upcoming school year.

"It's really unprecedented, what we're seeing," Ms. Assaraf noted. "But many of the problems that arise as part of the remote learning revolution are not new problems, per se: we're dealing with old problems on a new scale. Crises of time management, now, crises of remote communication. And there are tools to deal with these crises. We happen to have created a lot of those tools.

"If you're looking to send colleagues or students digital instructions—and faster than before—then Screencast Recording, Gmail Screenshot, or even Free Video Email for Gmail are perfect solutions. If you're a teacher trying to keep up with the huge influx of emails and digital communication, you'll be looking at Sort Gmail Inbox, Gmail Meeting Scheduler, Gmail Copilot, or Export Emails to Sheets for automated ways to save time and energy.

"And if you're looking for new ways to engage digitally, a lot of teachers are taking advantage of Email Signature Generator as a way to include test date reminders for students and parents in their emails; many are using Free Online Polls and Surveys to generate feedback about new tools; and there's a lot of attention on MailKing, our mass email campaign manager, for sending out well-formatted mass communications.

"We spoke to teachers about what they most need during this time, and about what the problems were last spring. We've used that feedback to create this list of resources."  A veteran of digital innovation, cloudHQ boasts over 70 free email management Chrome extensions in its library. And in a digital age that has just pressed the fast-forward button, it may be high time to give some a whirl.


Source: cloudHQ

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