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Connecting Innovation and Sustainability: Samsung’s Focus for CES 2023

SmartThings: Providing Evolved Hyper-Connected Experiences That Are Invisible Yet Present in Our Lives

At CES 2023, Samsung will present a new and expanded SmartThings experience that integrates your home ecosystem even more seamlessly, with a system that is supported by enhanced security.

Samsung will also explore easier and safer ways to connect devices and appliances, and how to make customized experiences for each user even more precise with AI.

Samsung is closely cooperating with various industry partners to embody the SmartThings experience, creating a new path to provide optimal and customized connected experiences to users according to their individual preferences and lifestyles.

Sustainable Future in the Hyper-Connected Era

In order to provide better daily life experiences, Samsung has been paying attention to how technology can address difficulties and problems encountered in everyday life. In addition, we have continued to identify ways to contribute to creating a more sustainable future by developing products that are sustainable and equipped with innovative technologies.

Since Samsung announced its new environmental strategy in September, it has underlined how it plans to contribute to overcoming the climate crisis through its innovative technologies, including ultra-low power semiconductors and energy saving products. Samsung also announced its goal to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Saving energy through SmartThings and developing eco-conscious innovative products showcase how it is upholding our sustainable, forward-thinking values.

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