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Hang Seng Bank "GO!GingerOnion 5**College" Goes Live in Metaverse for DSE Students

Hang Seng Bank's virtual "GO!GingerOnion 5** College" opened its doors in The Sandbox metaverse on 14 July 2022. The initiative is designed to give encouragement to Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination ('DSE') students who are due to receive their DSE results next week. The event aims to lift students' spirits during one of the most stressful milestones of school life by asking them to complete quests to obtain 5**, the top mark for exam subjects. 40 stars collected can be redeemed for beverage coupons in the 'real world', on a first-come-first-served basis.

Hang Seng Bank's GO!GingerOnion launches "GO!GingerOnion 5** College" in the metaverse. An avatar of Ms Diana Cesar, Executive Director and Chief Executive of Hang Seng, features as a non-player character. As the Principal of the college, she greets student participants and encourages them not to worry about the results when they have done their best.

Non-player characters ('NPC') include an avatar based on Diana Cesar, Executive Director and Chief Executive of Hang Seng Bank, and the social media hosts of GO!GingerOnion, including Ginger and Onion. They will greet student players at the virtual college and offer words of inspiration.

"GO!GingerOnion 5** College" is designed to feel like a local college campus and provide a unique metaverse experience that will entertain Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination students in the period before their exam results are announced.

A 'School Uniform Exhibition' will showcase 30 common designs of school uniforms. Student participants are invited to take photos with their favourite uniform design and share warm memories of their school life with friends on social media.

"GO!GingerOnion 5**College" embodies Hang Seng Bank's focus on applying advanced technology and innovation to deliver engaging personalised experiences that enhance people's lives.

foodpanda joins GO!GingerOnion to support DSE candidates

In addition to the virtual 5** College, GO!GingerOnion is launching two more exciting initiatives to delight and surprise DSE students.

Sharing a common goal to support young people, GO!GingerOnion and foodpanda are partnering to offer a total of HK$100,000 in discount coupons to help keep students well -fueled and full of energy to pursue their passions. The promotion will be rolled out at intervals via GO!GingerOnion's Instagram Stories starting from 18 July 2022. Participating followers will have the chance to enjoy discounts of HK$20[1] when using foodpanda's delivery services .

On 8 August 2022, GO!GingerOnion will launch a cheering music video , 衝の伴 , featuring up-and-coming KOL and idol in the girl band "Lolly Talk" Elka Cheng, who teamed up with secondary school students and GO!GingerOnion fans to encourage young people to explore their full potential and tackle challenges with a positive attitude. Elka Cheng is energetic and optimistic about her own future. She said, "We may feel discouraged when encountering difficulties, but it's important to always get back on your feet and move forward. Dreams need action and perseverance. I hope everyone will enjoy the journey to reach their goals."

GO! GingerOnion:

Hang Seng Bank introduced the Go!GingerOnion initiative in 2019 to reach out to young people via social media. The initiative uses a dedicate Instagram account (@gogingeronion) and YouTube channel to share engaging content on topics that are trending among teenagers, with the aims of building close connections with young people while encouraging and empowering them to explore new opportunities and ideas.

With the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupting in-person classes and the holding of mock exams since 2020, Go!GingerOnion introduced InstaMockExam – the first initiative of its kind on Instagram – to help DSE candidates to prepare for their exams.

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