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Lalamove delivers care in Hong Kong amid fifth wave of COVID-19

Helping over 50 NGOs to deliver 20,000 pieces of epidemic prevention supplies free of charge within a week, with more than 150 SMEs joining exclusive promotion platform

Lalamove, a leading 24/7 on-demand delivery platform, has been paying close attention to the COVID-19 situation in Hong Kong. As the fifth wave of COVID-19 infections ravages the city, Lalamove launched a series of initiatives in February to help the community in fighting against the pandemic, including free logistics support for non-profit organizations, exclusive promotion opportunities for SMEs, encouraging homestay to fight COVID-19, and donating epidemic prevention supplies to those in need. Lalamove pledges to take immediate action and is working together with the community to help alleviate the current situation.


Shing Chow, founder and CEO of Lalamove, said, "Our team at Lalamove has focused on leveraging our strength and strong network in the instant delivery landscape, to help non-profit organizations and SMEs affected by the pandemic moving things that matter on their behalf. "


Lalamove’s driver partners assisted various social welfare organizations in delivering supplies to those in need in the past week, ensuring that they receive undisturbed support amid the pandemic.

Shing Chow, founder and CEO of Lalamove, said, "We have been inspired by the many unsung heroes working diligently to serve the community amidst a challenging situation. Our team at Lalamove has focused on leveraging our strength and strong network in the instant delivery landscape, to help non-profit organizations and SMEs affected by the pandemic moving things that matter on their behalf. We hope to extend our support to grassroots families so that we can overcome this adversity together."

Free logistics support delivering over 20,000 epidemic prevention supplies for NGOs in one week

The fifth wave of COVID-19 is developing at a rapid pace in Hong Kong and day-to-day operations of social welfare services have been hindered by social distancing measures. Lalamove took the lead earlier on February 18 and announced an offer of free logistics services to non-profit organizations that provide epidemic prevention supplies or that are supporting hard-hit families, so that vital materials can be delivered as soon as possible.

In a week since the launch of the initiative,Lalamove has received more than 50 requests from NGOs for logistics support. There is a pressing demand of delivery for epidemic prevention supplies, such as rapid test kits, medical supplies, disinfectants and masks, with more than 20,000 items delivered to elderly homes and grassroots families thus far. Other examples of delivery requests include food and grocery to the elderly, ensuring they can continue to stay home safely; and educational materials for children and young students with special needs, to facilitate home-based learning.

Lalamove welcomes all non-profit organizations and social welfare organizations to get in touch via WhatsApp (6309 3529) so that we can continue to deliver care in time.

Lalamove Supports SMEs: Providing exclusive promotion opportunities for over 150 SMEs

SMEs are facing tremendous pressures in these challenging times, and they are in dire need of support to cope with an evolving situation. As the logistics partner for SME users, Lalamove has launched the "Support Our SMEs" campaign on February 14 to aid SMEs across industries.

Lalamove has leveraged its owned and other promotional platforms to help more than 150 SMEs promote their exclusive offers. These SME partners span across a wide range of sectors from F&B, catering, lifestyle products, sporting equipment, electronic products to apparel. Through these promotions, Lalamove hopes to encourage everyone to stay at home by creating a unique shopping experience. Lalamove will continue to support SMEs and hopes that more merchants will join the campaign.

Donation of 10,000 rapid test kits to help grassroot families dealing with the pandemic

Recently, there has also been a surge in demand for COVID testing equipment. Lalamove has donated 10,000 sets of rapid testing kits to various non-profit organizations that have then distributed them to the homeless, as well as grassroot families and workers, hoping to lessen their burdens in searching for the precaution item.

Lalamove will continue to utilize its platform and extensive logistics network to do its best to help Hong Kong overcome the fifth wave of the pandemic.

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