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Larry King and Jacobi Niv announce the launch of their e-commerce and education platform

Larry King And Jacobi Niv Launch Royal Age E-commerce And Education Platform As An Emergency Act To Meet Immediate Needs Of Seniors During COVID-19

Larry King and Jacobi Niv announce the launch of their e-commerce and education platform, Royal Age, created to meet the needs of today's senior citizens. Live today, King and Niv moved up the launch date from late 2020 as an emergency act to respond to meet the immediate needs of seniors during the COVID-19 pandemic. Royal Age has been in the planning stages for months, but efforts to pull their resources together with tremendous effort to expedite the launch date to August during this crisis.

Helmed by King's trusted voice to provide the most needed products in the comfort and privacy of one's own home, Royal Age is committed to the values of community, education and trust. The site's moniker is: "Royal Age is a place for young people over 60. Reliable. Informative," and offers content, products and information; and a daily newscast broadcast with headlines concerning seniors to keep them informed with the latest news and trends affecting their daily lives.

Says King: "From my own personal quarantine, I understand how big the need of senior citizens in America is to have their own reliable and safe online platform which will deliver our most needed products right to their doorstep -- with content and an experience tailored specifically for us." He adds, "That's why I created Royal Age. Give it a try. I made it for you."

"I was raised by my grandmother and saw first-hand her need to purchase products and receive special content for her age group online," adds Niv. "I shared this idea with Larry who had had the same experience, and we started Royal Age together to meet this need."

Today, there are more than 52 million U.S. senior citizens (U.S. Census Bureau), growing three times the rate of the general population. They are becoming more technologically savvy, particularly in today's shelter in place culture.

Plans to launch a platform alongside Royal Age will be a philanthropic campaign titled "Aging With Dignity," in which a percentage of the site's profits will be given back to underprivileged seniors across America. Additional details are forthcoming.


Source: Royal Age

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