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National Business Daily: SW China's Chengdu to release opportunities in smart city governance

Chengdu will hold an event on smart city governance on December 29. Themed on "Releasing the Value of Data, Empowering Smart Governance", the event is the last installment of the 2020 Chengdu New Economy Double Thousand Project.

Experts, investment institutions, and representatives from renowned enterprises will gather in the capital city of Sichuan Province, both at the venue and via online channel, and conduct in-depth discussion on how data empowers the city governance, and trends and opportunities in smart city governance.

At the event, a list of opportunities in Chengdu's efforts to build a smart city will be unveiled. The list aims to facilitate precise matching of smart city service providers to customers.

Besides, the online municipal service office of Chengdu will publish a list of cases that exemplify the business environment of Chengdu.

Companies will showcase their new products and new scenes in smart governance of megacities at the venue. These include the smart city services from tech giant Huawei, shared parking platform from Chengdu Communications Investment, and public data service platform from Chengdu Bigdata. Leading technologies like 5G and 4K/8K display will be used in these demonstrations.

In recent years, Chengdu has seen remarkable achievements in exploring new approaches to and innovative mechanisms of modern city governance, which include top-down policy design, improving "city brain", and the sharing of public data. The building of a smart city has promoted development of various industries in the city.

The event is hosted by the online municipal service office of Chengdu, Chengdu New Economy Development Commission, and the People's Government of JingNiu District, Chengdu.


SOURCE: National Business Daily

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