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Striding Towards the Intelligent World: Huawei Cloud White Paper Calls for Six Fields of Action

During HUAWEI CONNECT 2022, Huawei released the Striding Towards the Intelligent World white papers. Executive Director of the Board and Chairman of ICT Infrastructure Managing Board David Wang announced the publication of this series of insights into trends in cloud, connectivity, computing, and digital energy, with actionable recommendations for customer implementation, while Chief Strategy Architect Dang Wenshuan provided a deeper interpretation of each of them.

In the cloud computing white paper, Huawei Cloud shares its insights into six trends: Cloud Native 2.0, security & compliance, data-AI convergence, media services, application modernization, and aPaaS. Huawei Cloud also provides enterprises with the expertise and planning for their own digital transformation.

Enterprise digital transformation is an urgent reality. As a multi-pronged enterprise, Huawei deeply understands the challenges of transformation, and offers its own experience and partner capabilities as cloud services on an open and flexible architecture. With these services, customers avoid the pitfalls while maximizing the investment in their digital transformation. "The road to digitalization requires an open mind and concerted effort, and we make it smoother by sharing our technologies and experience," said Zhang Ping'an, CEO of Huawei Cloud, in the Foreword of the white paper.

In the white paper, Huawei Cloud calls for action in six fields:

  1. For Cloud Native 2.0, enterprises should prioritize cloud native replatforming for applications over simple migration, to unleash maximum digital potential.

  2. For security and compliance, advanced cloud native security solutions should be leveraged as advantages of cloud services.

  3. For data-AI convergence, enterprises should learn from pioneers' cases, work with mentor partners, and use the latest data and AI to tackle obstacles to becoming a data-driven enterprise.

  4. For media services, enterprises should choose cloud native for massive computing power, global coverage, AI, and media technology in a future of mixed realities.

  5. For application modernization, enterprises need to learn successful methodologies and reference architectures and select the best solution for their application type and phase.

  6. For aPaaS, enterprises should use mature, affordable services so that they can quickly iterate and innovate.

Huawei Cloud believes that digitalization is the only way for enterprises to stride towards the intelligent world. Huawei Cloud works with customers, partners, and developers to continue innovating for the vision of building the cloud foundation for an intelligent world, with ubiquitous cloud and pervasive intelligence.

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