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Tencent’s First Smart Tourism Project Landed in Northeast Asia

Tencent Cloud Collaborates with Incheon Tourism Organization in South Korea on Smart Traveling Solution to Boost Tourism

Tencent Cloud today announced its collaboration with Incheon Tourism Organization in South Korea to build a smart tourism solution to prepare for post-pandemic inbound tourism recovery. The collaboration is a joint effort to help South Korea’s businesses and tourism efforts in reaching travelers from China, as well as those from all over the region and around the world.

China has emerged as a major contributor to South Korean tourism, ranking second in the country’s number of tourists with more than six million inbound visitors in 2019, equivalent to almost 35 percent of the total number of inbound visitor1. This significant development indicates a need to boost initiatives and efforts to promote the country’s post-pandemic tourism to Chinese travelers.

Through Tencent Cloud’s innovative technologies, Incheon Tourism Organization will be able to better connect with inbound travelers and speed up the recovery of the Korean tourism industry. With the help of Tencent’s social solution, which includes travel and culture content recommendations, Weixin advertisements and Weixin Mini Programs, South Korea’s tourism efforts will easily reach its target audience while deepening Incheon Tourism Organization’s understanding of Chinese tourists.

Tencent Cloud will be providing Incheon Tourism Organization a one-stop smart tourism solution for travelers, leveraging the user base of 1.2 billion monthly active users of Weixin and WeChat, Tencent’s robust technology platform and strong digital marketing service capabilities – allowing visitors to bookmark hotels, check local weather forecast, discover shopping and tour guides, explore local restaurants, scenic attractions, download coupons, get directions and routes to landmark spots, as well as tax refunds via a Weixin mini-program before and after traveling.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “In line with our goal to help the tourism industry bounce back from pandemic-related challenges, we are pleased to announce that it is providing cloud solutions to support Incheon Tourism Organization. This collaboration aims to boost South Korea’s inbound tourism, which was affected by the global pandemic, with a focus on catering to the evolving needs of Chinese travelers. This is another opportunity to show Tencent Cloud’s capability to support tourism boards as well as travel and hospitality industries around the world.”

Lee Gun Woo, Vice President of Incheon Tourism Organization, said, “The growing number of Chinese tourists exploring South Korea, as seen in pre-pandemic statistics, demonstrates a need for the South Korean tourism industry to reach out to and further understand Chinese travelers’ preferences and habits. Looking ahead to the world’s recovery from the impact of COVID-19, we are now provided with the technology to better address and cater to the needs and requirements of visitors from China through our collaboration with Tencent Cloud.”

Last year, Tencent Cloud also achieved the Korean Information Security Protection Management System (K-ISMS) certification, a Korean government-backed certification that helps Korean organizations consistently and securely protect their information assets, proving that the information security management systems and capabilities developed by Tencent Cloud comply with relevant Korean laws and standards.

The collaboration with Incheon Tourism Organization is a welcome addition to Tencent Cloud’s growing list of tourism-related projects, which include working with Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), South African Tourism, Tourism New Zealand and YESMILANO, to help bolster efforts in further reaching and understanding Chinese inbound visitors.


1. Statistic from Korea Tourism Organization Tourism, 2019


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SOURCE: Tencent

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