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Huawei Mobile Services Launches 'Business Connect' to Boost Brand Visibility for Business Owners

Huawei Mobile Services Launches 'Business Connect' to Boost Brand Visibility for Business Owners via Local Search

Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) has launched Business Connect, a service for business owners to create and manage business profiles and listings. Through this service, their registered business information will be published as local search results on Huawei's search engine Petal Search and navigation app Petal Maps, giving business owners the chance to connect their products and services to over 580 million active users within the HMS ecosystem.

‘Business Connect’ by Huawei Mobile Services is a platform for business owners to create and manage their business profiles and listings. All the registered information will then show up as the local search results in the Petal Maps and Petal Search apps, thus help to increase brand visibility with potential customers. Business owners can register for the service via or email to


Business Connect is a free tool for businesses of all sizes, from local stores to large enterprises, to promote their business listings via local search results.


This platform allows business owners to customise their profiles with essential information such as their business name and category, operation hours, store directory, contact details and photos. This information will show up as search results when consumers perform keyword searches on Petal Search and Petal Maps, thus increasing brand visibility with potential customers.

In addition to key business information, businesses can also engage with customers by posting their latest events and promotions. Customers who click on these links will be redirected to the pre-set web page for online reservations and placing orders to drive additional traffic to the businesses' websites.

"Business Connect gives businesses of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to reach HMS audiences and boost brand visibility globally. With this platform, not only can consumers easily access useful listings through keyword searches, it can also help businesses increase brand exposure within the HMS ecosystem," said Shane Shan, Director of APAC Huawei Consumer Cloud Services.

This platform is also set to ensure information consistency across apps. Any updates made on this platform will be automatically synchronised in Petal Maps and Petal Search. This helps to keep customers informed and up-to-date while eliminating the hassle for business owners to update their information on each app manually.

Besides its centralised profile, Business Connect will also introduce consumer review and data analytic tools later in August to further enhance the platform. The consumer review system will allow consumers and business owners to engage online by leaving and responding to the reviews and ratings on the listings. At the same time, the data analytic tool will provide business owners insight reports based on their profile's clicks and views to fine-tune their businesses better.

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